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How can I help?

As an insurance broker, my primary role is to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of insurance. I work with my clients to identify their insurance needs, whether it's for their personal life or for their business operations.

Once I have a clear understanding of my clients' needs, I begin the process of researching and comparing policies from multiple insurance providers. I use my knowledge of the insurance market to find policies that meet my clients' needs and fit within their budget.

My goal is to provide my clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage. I explain the terms and conditions of each policy, including the coverage limits, deductibles, and premiums, and answer any questions my clients may have.

I also assist my clients in managing their insurance policies over time. This includes reviewing policies periodically to ensure that they continue to meet my clients' needs and making adjustments as necessary.

In the event of a loss, I advocate for my clients' interests to ensure that they receive fair and prompt compensation. I work closely with the insurance companies to expedite the claims process and resolve any disputes that may arise





Tampa, FL

Jake DeGolyer is an exceptional insurance agent. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication are outstanding. He provided a tailored insurance package, explained complex details clearly, and always offered prompt support. Jakes commitment to finding the best rates and ongoing customer service sets him apart. Highly recommended!

- Jospeh Turner, NC

Jake DeGolyer has been an absolute blessing for our family's insurance needs. This guy really knows his stuff and has been there for us every step of the way. He took the time to listen to our unique family situation and provided us with a rock-solid insurance plan that fits us like a glove. Jake is not just an agent; he's become like family to us. We can't thank him enough for his dedication and genuine care. If you're looking for an insurance superhero, look no further than Jake Degolyer. He's the real deal, and our family couldn't be happier with his exceptional service. Thanks, Lucas, for keeping our family protected and giving us peace of mind!

- The Kissinger Family, TX

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